Player Member - What’s Included:

  • Player Insurance via JLT

  • All games for the entire season: 2Day, 1Day, T20 and preseason games both home and away

  • Cricket balls and match day equipment for all formats

  • Umpires for all games

  • Access to 5x fully accredited Coaches (Ras, Ryan, Greg, Dan & Matt)

  • Opportunity to train 2 nights a week under lights with the facility available on request. All coaches, captains and staff have keys and can provide access.

  • All training equipment, side arms, training balls, stumps, markers, etc.

  • Access to the best turf wickets and facilities within the comp.

  • Includes one ticket to the Tigers Awards Night including a full smorgasbord dinner

  • Player discount to all canteen purchases (new for 2018-19 season)

  • Discounts to sponsors products & services

  • Redlands Tigers Membership and voting rights

  • Redlands Sporting Club Membership

  • All pricing is GST inclusive


Where do the fees go?

For the 2017-18 season players fee accounted for around 30% of total income with the balance coming from sponsorship, fundraising, canteen, ground hire and grants. Players fees are always applied directly to player costs which are then subsidized from other sources.



 Cost Center$$$%
GST  $62.50 10%
Awards Night  $75.00 12%
Ball Cost  $170.00 27%
Coaching  $95.00 15%
Ground & Wicket Prep  $105.00 17%
Facility Maintenance & Electricity  $65.00 10%
Insurances & Admin  $52.50 8%
Senior Player Fee 2018-19  $625.00