Date of Event : Wed Aug 1, 2018 8:27PM

The nineteenth Annual General Meeting of Redlands Cricket Inc. will be held at the RCI Clubhouse, Birkdale Road Wellington Point, on Thursday August 30 at 7pm.

Business of Meeting

- Confirm Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting and to deal with any business arising thereof.

To receive and accept the Annual Report for the 2017-18 Cricket Season;

To receive and accept the Financial Statement for the year ended 31/05/2018.

- To elect a Life Member (must be endorsed by management Committee).

Appointments: - Auditor, Solicitor & Patron.

To conduct the election of members to the Management Committee.


 The following candidate‚Äôs nomination forms for committee positions were received by close of business 15th August 2018 and are listed below:


 President: Darren Wallis

Nominated: Shirley Kritzinger 

Seconded: Michael Fraser

Vice President: Paul lavender

Nominated: Michael Fraser 
Seconded: Shirley Kritzinger

Secretary: Brett Crick

Nominated: Darren Wallis 
Seconded: Michael Fraser

Treasurer: Shirley Kritzinger

Nominated: Michael Fraser 
Seconded: Darren Wallis

Premier Grades Committee: James Read

Nominated: Darren Wallis 
Seconded: Paul Lavender

Clubs Committee: Michael Fraser

Nominated: Shirley Kritzinger 
Seconded: Darren Wallis

Juniors Committee: Dan Cummins

Nominated: Michael Fraser Seconded: Paul lavender


1. Nomination Form 2018
2. AGM Agenda
3. AGM Proxy Form

Brett Crick - RCI Secretary or


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